Designers Papell

David Fox

Out of all the themes that I have purchased and customized, this is the 1st one that didn't require any support.

Support for this product has always been above and beyond, their technical team has been very reliable.

Rana Alper

Interested in the detailing and the materials which are related to design thinking. I think that each design needs a character and should be planned to produce with its detailed complexity.

According to my design manner, the idea behind the project is everything and it is more than just the final product.

Emre Pektaş

Emre is a fan of simplicity and wow factor in design, as the saying goes "Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance." He believes that how simplicity, one of the most important aspects of design, can be viewed as elegant if it is used in with just the right way.

With the right materials, production techniques and minimal touches, the final outcome of a product could be something we call "beautiful".